Dr. Drew Lists Loveline Calls That Saved the Day

Loveline was a staple on radio and on TV for over three decades. Dr. Drew was the go-to guy for giving medical and life advice to callers, along with his popular co-hosts Adam Carolla and Psycho Mike. Over the years, Dr. Drew helped many people deal with a variety of issues; some were funny and others were decidedly not.

This list takes a look at the times Dr. Drew had to help callers get through some horrifying issues and may not have been able to get the help necessary had they not called to the show.

Photo: Dr. Drew Pinsky

  • The Famous Holocaust Call
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    The Famous Holocaust Call

    This one was our favorite call. Tom Arnold was the guest and this woman called and she was this phone sex operator. We didn't really help anyone here but we entertained ourselves. She was too good in the sense that people were finishing too quickly, and she wanted to know how to make the calls last longer since that's how she made more money. Then Adam goes, "You know Subliminal Man from Saturday Night Live?" And of course she didn't know. "Like dropping in a word like 'cancer' or 'Holocaust,'" and she gets quiet...

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  • Helping Save a Victim of Sexual Abuse
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    Helping Save a Victim of Sexual Abuse

    I remember this one time a girl (she was 14 at the time) called about her sister, which wasn't actually her sister - they were actually orphans who were abandoned in the streets of Saigon. She was adopted in Garden Grove and doing great, while her sister was in Denver, but they communicated all the time. Suddenly, the sister started getting depressed and dark before admitting that the adopted father was sexually abusing her. 

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  • Providing Context for a Confused Kid
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    Providing Context for a Confused Kid

    Another one that's coming to me is another young girl who was 12 or pre-pubescent. She said that she walked in to show her mom the grade on her paper and her dad was there. She was trying to make sense of it, and she said (her mother) was sucking on a lollipop and couldn't make sense of it. 

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