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12 Stories About Dr. Ruth, The Sex Doctor, That Are 100% True

Updated 14 Jan 2019 8.7k views12 items

You may remember Dr. Ruth Westheimer as the person who said that word on TV. However, stories about Dr. Ruth completely overshadow her liberal usage of blunt terminology. As it turns out, there are a few things you may not have known about Dr. Ruth aside from her lessons on the science of sex. Before frank conversations about intimacy spanned cultural and political mediums, her frankness on the subject was a breath of fresh air. Dr. Ruth certainly paved the way for the sex podcasts of today. Dig a little deeper into her biography, though, and her story goes well beyond the introduction of dirty talk to the mainstream.

A few of these wild Dr. Ruth facts may surprise you for how traditional they are juxtaposed to the pervasiveness of intimate concepts in the modern age. Even still, Dr. Ruth and her show - Sexually Speaking - completely changed the game.

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