makeup This Drag Queen Is Bringing All Your Favorite Memes To Life  

Jessica DeFino
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There are makeup memes (the classic raccoon eyes memes, the Amy Winehouse eyeliner memes), and then there are makeup memes. NYC drag queen Aquaria specializes in the latter, creating incredible makeup looks based on the internet’s best jokes.

Aquaria, who goes by @ageofaquaria on Instagram, has spoofed viral videos (like the Vine girl singing “Stay With Me”), pop culture phenomenons (like eating Tide Pods), and celebrities (hi, Kim K!) alike with her meme inspired makeup. “I like doing a more fashionable take on something ridiculous, so it's funny but it's still a look,” she’s said. She believes that inspiration can come from anywhere: “As long as I have makeup I can do whatever I want, because it’s all up to the talent in my hands and not the quality of my resources.”

Scroll through for the best of Aquaria’s drag queen memes and vote up the funny drag queen makeup that makes you LOL!

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"15 Seconds Into Watching The Eclipse With Donald Trump And You Get This Look"


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This Is What Happens When Felix The Cat Is Your Style Icon


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"When Your Husband Drags U To Meet Some Old Guy At The Vatican At 2 But U Have To Be On Cashier At Hot Topic At 3"


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Liza Minelli Gets Messy


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