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The Real Names of 100 Drag Queens

Updated June 20, 2021 37.8k views100 items

Drag queens with pseudonyms have many reasons for choosing their names. This list contains information about the real names of drag queens. Some famous drag queens use their favorite locations as name inspiration while others pick the names of celebrities. Some drag queen stage names are the same as the name they were born with. Others use puns or wordplay to make a memorable stage name.

Who will you find on this real names of famous drag queens list? Of course, RuPaul makes an appearance. The mononymous drag queen was born RuPaul Andre Charles. RuPaul has introduced the world to many of the most famous drag queens through the reality show RuPaul's Drag Race. Bianca Del Rio (born Roy Haylock), Sharon Needles (born Aaron Coady), and Chad Michaels (born Chad Michaels) are some of the best to appear on the series.

Divine - real name Harris Glenn Milstead - was one of the first drag queens to become a household name, having appeared in many of John Waters' films, including Hairspray and Polyester. Other famous drag queens include Dusty Ray Bottoms (Dustin Rayburn) and Jaymes Mansfield (James Wirth). You may also recognize Kameron Michaels whose real name is Dane Young.

Check out the drag queen real names below.