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All The Drag Queen Terminology You've Always Been Curious About

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Your first episode of Rupaul's Drag Race can be a little bit intimidating. It's OK - there's a lot going on, especially when it comes to the drag queen lingo. It's tough to keep 14 queens straight, let alone their boy counterparts, who look nothing like the dolled-up, glammed-out beauties that sissy that walk down the runway.

But the hardest part about keeping up as a newbie has to be all of the drag queen terminology -especially since most words already have common meanings in English, like booger, cakes, clock, fishy, flipper, and peanut butter. Unless you're up on all of your drag queen jargon, it can sort of feel like everyone on the show had a stroke and are just babbling nonsense. Thank God for Rupaul's Drag Queen Dictionary; otherwise, newcomers would be absolutely lost with all of the drag-speak that goes on.

Check out this list of drag queen vocabulary that will put even a true fan's Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent to the test. How many drag terms do you think you can get? Don't f*ck it up!

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    A complimentary term used to describe a very convincing and feminine drag queen. A reference to the smell of a woman’s vagina.

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    A term used to describe a tall, glamorous, and assertively self-confident woman. Also a reference to RuPaul's song of the same name.

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    Sissy That Walk

    What RuPaul says to queens with a masculine walk, suggesting that they walk in a more feminine manner. 

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    To call someone out for a flaw they were trying to conceal. 

    Used in a sentence: "I'm so glad the judges finally clocked Willam on that 5 o'clock shadow."

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