Which Dragon Ball Character Are You, According To Your Zodiac Sign?

No anime packs a punch as powerful as the Dragon Ball franchise. From the childish antics that fill kid Goku's adventures in Dragon Ball, to the multi-tier Super Saiyan, god-fighting frenzy that is Dragon Ball Super, the franchise takes the audience down an action-packed road like no other. Filled with guts, glory, and power level measuring scouters that soar over 9,000, the saga of Dragon Ball has been slamming the airwaves since the '80s and it shows no intention of ever stopping. 

Of all the fabulous fighters and hard-hitting heroes that have been introduced throughout the epic, there are some that stick to the heart like glue. The Dragon Ball zodiac reveals your inner character according to your zodiac sign. Are you a Goku or Vegeta? A Trunks or a Gohan?