The Surprising Origin Of Dragon Ball Z Character's Names Will Make Your Stomach Growl

Dragon Ball Z remains one of anime's most beloved series, and it definitely helps that many of its characters also get their names from another thing humans love: food.

  • A plot twist for the ages, Dragon Ball Z characters named after food get their monikers from plays on both English and Japanese terms. Even more fascinating, many of the different names of certain beings, squads, and collectives mean a certain term like "vegetable" or "milk", and any character associated with those collectives sports a name under the umbrella of that term.

  • The term "Saiyan" derives from the Japanese word for "vegetable," so each Saiyan gets their name from a different vegetable. If you ever accidentally said "vegetable" instead of "Vegeta," you understand where this is going. 

  • Meanwhile, another famous team from the DBZ universe takes its name from the term "milk," so the members of this team all use names derived from dairy-based projects. But when it comes to naming characters, the creators went beyond simply using culinary dishes.

  • For one very lucky character, their name stems from the phrase "going out to eat dim sum." What better activity could you possibly name yourself after?

    Somebody went through the trouble of coming up with such delightful names, so do them a solid by watching the entertaining and enlightening video below.