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15 Dragon Ball Universe Heroes Who Were Introduced As Villains

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Vegeta is one of the most well-known of the anime villains who redeem themselves and become heroes, but he actually isn't the only character from the Dragon Ball universe to make such a transition. In fact, the majority of Goku's friends were once people who directly opposed him in some way. 

Some Dragon Ball heroes who started as villains, like Vegeta and Piccolo, have well-known arcs with memorable transitions from villainy to heroism. Their motives for bad deeds are understandable, and their reasons for changing make sense too. Others, like Oolong or the Pilaf Gang, have motivations that aren't as well explored but are still entertaining. 

Which bad guy turned good is your favorite?

  • Majin Buu first appears as Kid Buu, an evil demon of immense power who is willing and able to destroy everything in his path. After consuming the Grand Supreme Kai, he splits off into multiple forms, including "Innocent Buu" who is destructive because he doesn't know any better, not because he wants to cause harm. With guidance from Mr. Satan on how to exist in society - as well as some help from the Dragon Balls in forgetting his past sins - Buu becomes one of the good guys. 

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  • 6. Android 16

    Android 16 was always a peace loving person who was happier relaxing with nature than engaging in combat. But because he was built with a specific purpose in mind - revenge on Goku on behalf of Dr. Gero - he did have to face off against the good guys once or twice. But when Cell threatens the safety of humankind, Android 16 is easily swayed to help Goku and company defeat him. 

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  • 7. Beerus

    Beerus is a god, so his concept of 'good' and 'evil' is pretty far outside of human morality. That being said, he did try to destroy Earth once, so he gets slapped with the villain label. He came over to the good side not because of any shift in his morals, but because he realized that destroying Earth meant destroying his access to a wide range of delicious foods. 

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  • Like Tien, Chiaotzu was a member of the Crane School. At the behest of their master, the two of them frequently cheated during tournaments, often using Chiaotzu's psychic powers. When Tien decides that he wants to do things fairly, Chiaotzu follows suit - he deeply respects his friend and typically defers to him, unless he has some specific reason not to. 

    When offered a spot at Master Roshi's school, Chiaotzu turns it down - even though he's betrayed his former master by refusing to comply with his awful demands, it goes against his morals to study under another master.

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