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12 Insane Fan Theories About Dragon Ball Villains

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Dragon Ball and its many sequels are one of the most beloved anime and manga of all time. It first exploded into public consciousness with Akira Toriyama's original Dragon Ball manga in 1984. Today, Dragon Ball Super is continuing to excite fans all over the world. When fans get excited, they start generating fan theories. 

For this article, we're going to focus on fan theories about Dragon Ball villains. Some of them are pretty meta, like the theory about Majin Buu representing Japan's most unflattering views of America during WWII. Others answer open questions, like the one that offers a potentially unsettling reason why Cell can asexually reproduce. 

Which of these Dragon Ball villain fan theories do you think hold up? 

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    Goku & Frieza's Legendary Fight Takes Place In Slow Motion

    When Frieza said that Planet Namek would be destroyed within five minute's time, it would be reasonable to expect that the ensuing fight between Goku and Frieza would take, well, five minutes. Sure, it might take a little longer because of a creative license, but the fight spanned from episodes 87 to 105. That's a whole lot more than five minutes!!

    So, what's up with the time warp? Redditor u/Newgrewshew has a simple explanation - the fight takes place in slow motion. If it didn't, their movements would be far too fast for the human eye to see - and for the creators to realistically animate.

    u/harbingerofchaos has another, more amusing take - being an alien who may be used to a different time system, Frieza doesn't actually know what a minute is. 


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    Vegeta Will Become The Next God Of Destruction

    Vegeta isn't currently a villain. If he were, he probably wouldn't qualify for this position in the first place. That said, since he did spend a huge chunk of the series in villain mode, he still counts for the purposes of this list. 

    Let's get into the theory, which has been posited by many fans. Vegeta has been working his butt off training with Yardrat, and he's made an incredible amount of progress controlling his ki in a very short period of time.

    The other potential contender for the job is Goku. While Goku could do pretty much anything he sets his mind to, he's shown no interest in a godly position. Meanwhile, Vegeta seems like the type who would crave such a thing. 

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    General Blue Is Androids 17 & 18's Dad

    Not a lot is known about where Androids 17 and 18 came from - especially when it comes to their parents. This open question naturally leads to some speculation on fans' parts. u/Lord_Azul has an interesting idea about who their father might be - General Blue from Dragon Ball. 

    General Blue was a member of the Red Ribbon Army. He looks a lot like the twins, and has a similarly snarky personality. Though canonically gay, it's not impossible that he made an exception for whoever their mother was. The twins' names, Lapis and Lazuli, refer to a semi-precious stone that's intensely blue - this could be a callback to their fathers' name. 

    According to this theory, that's actually why they got mixed up with Dr. Gero in the first place. He not only offered them intel on their father, he also offered to help them get revenge on their father's worst enemy: Goku.

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    The Candy People Are Still Sentient

    This one's pretty creepy, but it's probably true. Redditor u/CidHwind points out that when Majin Buu transforms people into candy, there's plenty of evidence to suggest that they remain sentient after this happens. 

    The first piece of evidence is the fact that they retain their faces. When Buu transforms a group of people into chocolate bars, one of them is clearly depicted with a scared facial expression. Later in the series, Vegito is able to both fight and communicate with Buu after being transformed into a small piece of candy. 

    Most can't move to this degree, or at all - it's possible that Vegito was only able to do so because of his amazing power.

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