32 Fun Facts About the Dragon Ball Z Series

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With this list of Dragon Ball Z trivia facts, we're taking a look back at the epic anime franchise, from the original Dragon Ball to Dragon Ball: Resurrection.

Dragon, Dragon, Call the Dragon. Dragon Ball Z! That theme song played in so many homes almost every day for much of the early 2000's. This was a show was instrumental in popularizing anime in America. Dragon Ball Z became a full-blown pop culture phenomenon, making Toonami a fixture in childhood entertainment.

It's effects are still felt to this day. The original show, Dragon Ball, aired in Japan in 1986, before many of its most loyal fans were even born. Just three years later, the franchise became a powerhouse with Dragon Ball Z. Then, in 1996, the Dragon Ball Z series arrived Stateside and changed the landscape of anime specifically and cartoons in general.

If the franchise was a huge part of your childhood, then you're going to love this list of Dragon Ball Z trivia. And if you still thrill along to Goku's adventures, then these Dragon Ball Z fun facts will have you waxing nostalgic in no time. Vote up your favorite facts below.

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    Piccolo and Gohan are Closer in Age Than They Seem

    Piccolo is only four years older than Gohan! Namekians grow and age much faster than Humans or Saiyans, seeing as how Piccolo was already nearly full-grown by the age of three. He actually fought Goku in the first tournament when he was just three years old.

     Source: IMDb
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    Dragon Ball Z Is One of the Top 50 Shows of All Time on IMDb

    As of July 2015,  Dragonball Z is currently ranked #35 on IMDb's "Highest Rated TV Series With At Least 6,000 Votes", with a score of 8.9/10.

    Source: IMDb's Highest Rated TV Series

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    Dragon Ball Involves Just Under 200 Fights

    There are 187 fights from the start of Dragon Ball to the end of Dragon Ball Z.

    Source: KiwiKenny.Tripod.com

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    Gohan Is More Violent on the Show Than the Manga

    Gohan killed eight enemies in the original manga. In the Dragonball Z anime, including the movies, he has directly killed a total of 15 different enemies.

    Source: Dragonball Wikia