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The only thing more complicated than the extended universe of Dragon Ball Z, with its time-traveling future children, android sleeper agents, and afterlife workout regimens, is the litany of fan theories about Dragon Ball Z. DBZ is one of the most popular anime series of all time, especially in the Western world, and it’s a franchise that continues to spit out quality content in the 21st century. Goku and friends have been around for decades, which has allowed them to build up an impressive, multigenerational fanbase. And where there are fans, there are always fan theories.

Even the most hardcore DBZ fans can admit that it didn’t always have the tightest of plots, leaving plenty of space for fans to theorize and speculate. It’s also an incredibly long franchise, as between Dragonball, Dragon Ball Z, and the multiple future incarnations, the story itself takes place over decades of in-universe time. That leaves lots of convenient time gaps and mysteries for fans to fill with their Super Saiyan imaginations. Check out the craziest conspiracy theories about DBZ below and vote up the most convincing ones that may just be true. 

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Goku And Frieza’s Five-Minute Fight Takes Hours Because You're Seeing It In Super Slo-Mo

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One of the “plot holes” most frequently pointed out by fans happens at the conclusion of the Frieza Saga, when poor loser Frieza makes it so that the Planet Namek will explode in five minutes' time. He and the newly Super-Saiyan Goku then proceed to fight for over an hour through multiple episodes. What gives? Reddit user Newgrewshew has a neat and tidy explanation - what viewers are seeing is actually a slow-motion rendition of the fight. Goku and Frieza’s power levels are so ridiculous at that point that they’re moving far faster than the human eye could make sense of, explaining the need for slo-mo.

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It Had Been A Long Time Since The Last Super Saiyan Because Their Lack Of Emotion Didn't Allow Them To Transform

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It is said that before Goku, a Super Saiyan, hadn’t been seen in over a thousand years. And that’s true, for the most part - if you ignore Broly. That’s why the ability to go Super Saiyan had been reduced to the stuff of legend, and why it is so awe-inspiring when Goku transforms. However, that was quickly followed by literally every other Saiyan and half-Saiyan on the show going Super Saiyan. Why had it been so long between Super Saiyans if anyone could do it?

Reddit user friskyding01 thinks that Saiyan culture is to blame. They point out that Super Saiyan transformations seem to be tied to emotion and the Saiyans spent generations as an emotionless army of killing machines for Frieza-type warlords. Perhaps Saiyans just didn’t develop personal ties or get upset about much until Goku and his pals came along.

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Saiyans And Humans Are Somehow Related

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There’s good reason to believe that Saiyans and humans are related in some way, as someone on TVTrope’s WildMassGuessing section has speculated. The physical similarities are obvious, with the only real difference between the two species being a tail, something that is present in Homo Sapiens’s evolutionary history. There’s also the fact that Dragon Ball Z contains multiple examples of Saiyans successfully mating with humans, which suggests a ridiculously similar genetic makeup.

Some possible explanations for how Saiyans and humans are related include the species sharing a common ancestor that populated the galaxy or two populations of the same species being separated by intergalactic forces. 

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Krillin Is Objectively The Best Fighter In Dragon Ball Z

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Most Dragon Ball Z fans don’t need to be told that Krillin is the best, but it’s nice to have some hard evidence to back up that assertion. Reddit user Delta_Blues provides it in a well-written breakdown of Krillin’s excellence. Krillin is, after all, the strongest human character in the series, and his power levels reach ridiculous heights without the need for multiplier effects via Super Saiyan transformations or fusions. Krillin has several moments of badassery that show off his impressive skills, like taking out all the Saibamen at once, or fighting Frieza and Buu one-on-one. If one counts Super Saiyan mode as cheating, then Krillin is definitely the best fighter in DBZ.

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