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15 Times Dragon Ball Z Has Been Referenced in Rap Songs

Dragon Ball Z was a large part of many millennials' childhoods and the nostalgic love it caused has hardly decreased as this generation matures and acquires new tastes. It is, in part, because of this that Dragon Ball Z references in rap songs are so fun. These lyrics combine what many ‘90s kids grew up with (the televised anime series) with something that many from Generation Y grew into (rap and hiphop). An untapped wealth of rap songs that pay homage to Dragon Ball Z exist under the radar and it's really not that surprising; more than a few lyricists and wordsmiths out there once followed the adventures of Goku and his pals, just like us. 

References to Super Saiyans, Kamehameha waves, senzu beans, and other remnants of the DBZ world can be found in the lyrics of today’s hottest rappers. Much like a set of dragon balls, these lyrical associations are fun to search for but they’re even more enjoyable when they careen out unexpectedly and smash into you like a Special Beam Cannon of music.

  • B.O.B. - Autotune

    Video: YouTube

    Year:  2008


    When I'm on the mic I'm blazing

    Man who am I? Just like a Super Saiyan

    Power Level: 100

    Overall, this is a fairly weak rhyme. Super Saiyans are not really known for blazing on the mic so they don't really justify the use of slant rhyme.

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  • Soulja Boy - Goku

    Video: YouTube

    Year: 2010


    B*tch I look like Goku

    I'm hoppin' out dat old school

    F*cking up that Pro Tool

    Super Saiyan swagger

    B*tch I look like Gohan

    Smoking up that marijuana

    Power Level: 100

    Like most Soulja Boy lyrics, these rhymes only tangentially make sense and seem more like a collection of random words that popped into his brain. He does get bonus points, though, for thinking to rhyme “Gohan” with “marijuana.”

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  • Machine Gun Kelly ft. Waka Flocka Flame - Wild Boy

    Video: YouTube

    Year: 2011


    F*ck 5-0, I make my own rules

    Suck my dragon balls b*tch, call me Goku

    Power Level: 200

    There is a bit of cleverness here; the possible similarities between dragon balls and human testicles isn't often noted. Goku isn’t really known as a character who makes his own rules, though, so the comparison is a little flat.

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  • Frank Ocean - Pink Matter

    Video: YouTube

    Year: 2012


    Sensei replied what is your woman

    Is she just a container for the child

    That soft pink matter

    Cotton candy Majin Buu

    Power Level: 4000

    When it comes to finding metaphors for things that are soft and pink, Majin Buu is an inspired choice. This is an excellent example of DBZ-themed imagery.

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