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The Secret, Book-Only Item Cersei Could Use To Take Down The Dragons 

Stephan Roget
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Season 7 of Game of Thrones set up a number of mysteries and ambitious plotlines, and the potential payoff has both show-only and book-reading fans salivating. One of those mysteries was what exactly Euron’s gift for Cersei was going to be, and some who have read A Song of Ice and Fire were excited about the possibility they’d soon see Dragonbinder in Game of Thrones.

Dragonbinder is a magic, allegedly dragon-controlling horn has only appeared in the books so far, but it's closely associated with Euron Greyjoy, and it makes sense as the sort of gift any Mad Queen would be happy to have.

There were plenty of other theories as to what Euron meant when he said he’d be bringing Cersei a gift, and it turned out he meant kidnapping Ellaria Sand so the queen could torture her. But the Dragonbinder theory was definitely fun. After all, it’s the theory that has sorcerer pirates with magical dragonbinding wind instruments, so it’s really not much of a competition. Let's learn about Dragonbinder, and find out if Cersei can use it to beat the dragons.

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The Uncast Brother, Victarion
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Euron’s brother Victarion Greyjoy doesn’t show up in Game of Thrones, but he’s a major character in the books, and even receives a number of point-of-view chapters. Victarion is sent by his domineering brother to use Dragonbinder in Meereen, and steal Daenerys’s dragons, with the overall goal of winning Daenerys as Euron’s bride. Victarion, however, resents Euron for previously raping his wife, so he secretly plots to take Daenerys for himself.

It appears that in the show, Euron and Victarion’s roles have been combined. Victarion is the brawler of the Greyjoy family, known for fighting in a full set of kraken-themed armor, even while on the open sea. He also wields an awesome battle axe, which we saw Euron bust out.

Victarion is an absolutely vicious fighter, whose strategy consists mainly of hopping on an enemy ship and killing everyone on board. As Game of Thrones demonstrates, the show version of Euron has definitely picked up these martial qualities, so he might also share other aspects of Victarion’s storyline.

How Dragonbinder Could Show Up In The Show
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Some theorized that Euron’s "gift" for Cersei was the capture of Ellaria and Tyene Sand, though it seemed like a stretch at the time: he would have had a difficult time knowing they’d be traveling by sea.

He might have been referring a future capture of Tyrion, but an actual item still seemed to be the most reasonable to guarantee when it came to potential gifts. Many people, both in real life and in the show, have wondered just how Cersei will combat Daenerys’s dragons. Dragonbinder would've allowed Cersei to steal some mythical firepower for herself.

This would obviously be an attractive prospect for Cersei "I Love Blowing Up My Enemies" Lannister, but it would've been odd for Euron to voluntarily give up a dragon. Perhaps they’d steal one each, or perhaps, and this is much more likely, Euron has more up his sleeve than he's letting on.

Dragonbinder Isn’t The Only Notable Horn In The Story
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Because this is Westeros and nothing can be confusing enough, there are not one, but two magical horns in A Song of Ice and Fire. Besides Dragonbinder, legend north of the Wall tells of the Horn of Joramun, which supposedly “woke giants from the Earth” thousands of years ago when blown by a King-Beyond-the-Wall. The Wildlings believe the Horn has the ability to destroy the Wall when blown, which causes Mance Rayder and his army of the free folk to search desperately for it.

Eventually, Mance shows Jon Snow an eight-foot horn that certainly looks magic, and claims that it is, in fact, the Horn of Joramun. He offers to give the Horn up if his people can pass the Wall safely, but Stannis Baratheon shows up to rout the Wildlings before they can reach a deal. Tormund Giantsbane later confesses to Jon the Horn was a fake, and Mance was only trying to bluff his way through the Wall.

Some believe the ancient horn found by Samwell Tarly at the Fist of the First Men is actually the Horn of Joramun. Sam has kept the horn with him ever since, and the show made sure to include the scene where he discovers it, which seems to indicate it's important. For now, show-watching fans can rest easy knowing there just might be a couple of magical horns out there that could steal Dany’s dragons or make life extra difficult for Jon Snow. Those two need to pool their resources, and fast.