The Most Over-The-Top Gender Reveals That Maybe Went Too Far

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Some gender reveal parties are truly amazing. Parents-to-be go above and beyond in planning the perfect reveal for their unborn child. Even celebrities are getting in on it. Over time, they've gotten progressively more popular and extravagant. One can only imagine what all the innovative future parents out there will come up with next.

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    A Man Accidentally Started A Wildfire While Trying To Reveal His Baby's Gender

    A Man Accidentally Started A Wildfire While Trying To Reveal His Baby's Gender
    Video: YouTube

    In April 2017, Dennis Dickey of Tucson, AZ,  planned to shoot at a target that contained Tannerite - an explosive substance - to reveal the gender of he and his wife's child. In theory, the target was supposed to poof in either pink or blue, signaling the baby's sex. What actually happened, however, was something Dickey did not anticipate: a massive wildfire. 

    Brush caught fire, and over the course of a week, 47,000 acres were set ablaze. The flames caused more than $8 million in damages, and Dickey told the judge it was "probably one of the worst days of my life." The court charged Dickey $220,000 as restitution for his misdemeanor offense of causing a fire without a permit.

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    A Weather Balloon And A GoPro Make For An Extraterrestrial Reveal

    A Weather Balloon And A GoPro Make For An Extraterrestrial Reveal
    Video: YouTube

    Star Trek taught us that space is the final frontier. While that may or may not be true, space is definitely the next frontier in gender reveals. With the help of Bishop, California high schoolers, Ashley Blankenship and Lance Patrick sent a weather balloon up to the stratopshere. Once it was over 20 miles high, the balloon popped, revealing to the entire universe the baby's gender. On hand for this moment were many GoPro cameras, as well as a stuffed monkey in a spacesuit.

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    A Gator Bites Into A Watermelon

    Alligators are a big part of Mike Kliebert's life. The man in charge of Kliebert's Turtle and Alligator Farm in Hammond, Louisiana sees alligators as members of his family, and he wanted them to be included in his child's gender reveal party. Soon-to-be grandmother Melody Kliebert posted a video on Facebook of Mike feeding watermelon to a gator. 

    Blue Jell-O comes out of the watermelon when the alligator bites into it, which indicates they're having a boy. In addition to the excitement of the gender reveal itself, there's also the risk of disfigurement, which makes it all the more thrilling.

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    A Fire Hose Reveals A Couple Is Having A Girl

    A Fire Hose Reveals A Couple Is Having A Girl
    Video: YouTube

    Firefighters can be physically and mentally tough folks, but they also can be gentle and compassionate. And occasionally, they use their equipment for a gender reveal. The expectant couple's doctor gave a sealed letter to the firetruck's pump operator. Then, the couple sprayed water out of a fire hose, waiting to see if the pump operator dyed the water blue or pink.

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    A Hotel Can Provide The Perfect Package

    Planning a gender reveal party can be a lot of hard, time-consuming work. Many hotels are offering various gender reveal packages. Maybe you'd like to light up the pool or the outside of the hotel pink or blue. If you'd prefer to be more discreet, private hotel gender reveals are available for you—you'll receive mini-cakes and memento champagne flutes.

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    A Rifle And Some Chalk Can Create A Spectacular Burst Of Color

    Using a rifle to discover your baby's gender may seem like an odd decision, but not if you just competed in the Best Army Ranger competition. Sergeant First Class Keith Batchelder, a Special Forces member, shot a box filled with colored chalk to reveal the gender of his child.

    It's important to note they conducted this potentially dangerous gender reveal in the safest way possible—they were in a secluded area of the woods far from civilization. While this method may not be appropriate for everyone, he wanted "something for the reveal... genuine to who they are."

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