The Greatest Famous Drawings

List of famous Drawing art from around the world, listed alphabetically. This popular Drawing art list features pictures of each famous Drawing piece when available, and includes names of the famous artists who created the artwork. Fans of historic Drawing art can use this list to discover some beautiful Drawing pieces that they've never seen before.

List includes Oedipus Complex, The Virgin and Child with St Anne and St John the Baptist and more.

This list answers the questions, "What is an example of Drawing art?" and "Who are the most famous Drawing artists?"

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  • The Virgin and Child with St Anne and St John the Baptist, sometimes called The Burlington House Cartoon, is a drawing by Leonardo da Vinci. The drawing is in charcoal and black and white chalk, on eight sheets of paper glued together. Because of its large size and format the drawing is presumed to be a cartoon for a painting. No painting by Leonardo exists that is based directly on this cartoon. The drawing depicts the Virgin Mary seated on the knees of her mother St Anne and holding the Child Jesus while St. John the Baptist, the cousin of Jesus, stands to the right. It currently hangs in the National Gallery in London. It was either executed in around 1499–1500, at the end of the ...more
    • Artist: Leonardo da Vinci
    • Subject: John the Baptist, Saint Anne, Jesus Christ, Blessed Virgin Mary, Madonna and Child
    • Art Form: Drawing
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    • Artist: Willem de Kooning
    • Subject: Woman
    • Art Form: Drawing
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    Arkansas Street--Night

    • Artist: Robert Bechtle
    • Art Form: Drawing
    • Artist: Sol LeWitt
    • Art Form: Drawing
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    Suprematist Drawing

    • Artist: Kazimir Malevich
    • Art Form: Drawing
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    Untitled (Tree Forms)

    • Artist: Gordon Matta-Clark
    • Art Form: Drawing