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Dream Presidential Debate Moderators

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These dream presidential debate moderators might not ever get the chance to prove how awesome they would be at moderating presidential debates. Still, these men and women have proved themselves as politically knowledgable and worthy of such a gig. The 2016 debates are going to be exciting no matter what, but these celebrities would make them far more entertaining. The Republican nominees and Democratic nominees in the 2016 presidential election would really be put to task by the people on this list.

Wouldn't you kill to see Jon Stewart as a 2016 election debate moderator? Oprah Winfrey? It would also be fun to see debate moderators be people who have played presidents on television like the politically active Martin Sheen and the political satirist and actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus. These debate moderators would inject much-needed humor into the discussion about the issues of 2016 and really take the candidates out of their comfort zone.

Upvote the famous people you think would be a great alternative for a presidential debate moderator or add a politically savvy, interesting person who you think would ask the tough questions and force the candidates for US president in 2016 to really get to the hearts of the issues.

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