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Dreamboat Actors' And Actresses' Roles They Took To Be Taken Super-Seriously, Ranked

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"Transformation - that is what the actor's nature, consciously or subconsciously, longs for," wrote legendary Russian actor and acting teacher Michael Chekhov in his 1950s text To the Actor. And from the looks of this list of conventionally attractive actors who transformed for a role, Chekhov's words ring true today. Several gained weight for a role, while others changed their physical appearance in different drastic ways.

Some might argue the actors who made these radical transformations did so solely for critical acclaim and accolades. But there's something to be said for performers who are so committed to their craft that they would radically change their cover-model looks to play less-glamorous characters - even if an award statue is their reason for doing so.

Actors transforming their physical bodies is nothing new. Metamorphosis has long been part of any decent actor's process - although more often, such change happens internally. But when the transformation is visibly apparent, audiences have a more immediate and clear sense of the lengths actors will go to in the service of a character - or an award.