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15 Fan Theories About DreamWorks Movies That Make A Lot Of Sense

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Who doesn't love a layered animated movie that both kids and adults can enjoy? While Disney usually reigns supreme in the world of family animation, smaller studios like DreamWorks Pictures have found a niche with more experimental original stories, bizarre takes on classic properties, and even irreverent takes on fairytale tropes.

From the many Shrek movies to underrated gems like The Road to El Dorado, DreamWorks manages to spark conversations and theory-crafting in movie fans across the internet while barely breaking a sweat. This is a collection of fan theories about DreamWorks movies. Vote up the fan theories you think are the most interesting!

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    Night Furies Evolved To Hunt Other Dragons In 'How To Train Your Dragon'

    Photo: How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World / Universal Pictures

    From Redditor u/goingtodeletedis:

    There are certain traits Night Furies have, which seem to imply they may be adapted for hunting dragons

    • They are the fastest and most maneuverable of all dragons.
    • Predators tend to be smarter than their prey, and Toothless seems to be very intelligent. While dragons as a whole seem to be very smart, few are as smart as Toothless
    • The breath of most dragons seems to be short-ranged and defensive, great for keeping opponants at bay. Night Furies have long-ranged fireballs which combust on impact, incapacitating any potential prey. Their projectiles also seem to be adapted for igniting other dragons breath while it is still in their mouth.
    • Said fireballs are powerful enough to harm the Bewilderbeast and the Red Death, so imagine how effective it would be against smaller dragon species.
    • They are black and nocturnal, allowing them to sneak up on their prey under the cover of darkness. This is in stark contrast to other dragons which are rather flamboyant.
    • Many dragons have eyes on the sides of their head, an adaptation common in prey animals. Night Furies have forward facing eyes, which are more common in predatory animals.
    • While all other dragon species have long, needle-like teeth and long sharp claws, excellent for catching slippery fish, Night Furies have short, stubby teeth and claws, bad for fishing but pretty decent tools for tearing through tough dragon scales.
    • Retractable teeth may also be an adaptation for hunting. Since their teeth are valuable weapons Night Furies evolved a way to protect them.
    • In the 3rd movie Toothless learns how to turn invisible, an ability which would be of great use for a stealthy ambush.
    • Other dragons just attacked the village, not even trying to be stealthy. Toothless meanwhile managed to terrorize the vikings for years and yet still remain a complete mystery to them.
    • Prey animals tend to outnumber their hunters. This could explain Night Furies almost went extinct, there were probably not that many of them to begin with.

    Also the only reason why Toothless doesn't take on other dragons is because, being the only surviving member of his species, he likely never learned how to hunt and behave properly. He likely adopted a piscivorous diet after seeing other dragons doing it.

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    Tai Lung Was Never Denied The Scroll Or His Destiny Of Being The Dragon Warrior In 'Kung Fu Panda'

    Photo: Kung Fu Panda / Paramount Pictures

    From Redditor u/Whitepill-rescue:

    In Kung Fu Panda, Tai Lung the villain was never denied the scroll or his destiny of being the dragon warrior. The denying of the scroll to him was just a test, he was supposed to accept the denial with humility. At that point, he would have proven his humility and been granted the scroll.

    To test whether an acolyte was worthy of completing their training, the dojo will deny an acolyte the scroll at the end to test what kind of person they really are. If an acolyte had truly learned the art of balance and inner peace in addition to his physical training, he would have accepted the denial with humility. In doing so, the acolyte would then prove that he is perfect inside and out, and at that point, the master would then explain that it was just a test and grant him the scroll.

    Tai Lung failed this test by reacting with anger and hatred. That was why he was never granted the scroll: not because he was not worthy, but because he proved himself unworthy. For all his prowess, tai lung failed the most important test in the end, the test of whether he could exercise his great power with great responsibility.

    This was clearly hinted strongly by the movie by the fact that the scroll was empty.

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    Fiona Was Probably A Cannibal In 'Shrek'

    Photo: Shrek / DreamWorks Pictures

    From Redditor u/Froidster:

    So Fiona is in that tower since shes a little girl right? Where does she get her food? Nobody can get in because of the dragon. The dragon protects her. The dragon probably feeds her. What does the dragon feed her? Well, if you watch carefully right after Fiona and Shrek are leaving the Tallest Tower (time stamp: 37:38) you can see a giant cauldron boiling and a giant cook book, open to a specific recipe: “Knightly Treats.”

    The Dragon is cooking Knights and following a recipe! HOLD ON you might be thinking. Thats just what the dragon eats right? Not Fiona, the dragon probably feeds her other stuff like the Knights’ horses.

    EXCEPT SHE DOESN’T! It clearly shows earlier in the film when Shrek and Donkey are about to cross the rope bridge (time stamp: 30:19) that the Knight’s horses are left on the far side of the bridge after the Dragon finishes them off, cooks them up, and FEEDS THEM TO FIONA.


    Theres more to the theory! What if Fiona only eats when she is in ogre form? Would it still be cannibalism? That’s probably how she copes: “I’m not a cannibal, I’m an ogre.” She only turns into an ogre at night though, so does she eat at night and sleep during the day? YES! When Shrek finds her at the tallest tower, she was in bed sleeping AND SHE IS IN HUMAN FORM BECAUSE ITS DAYTIME! FIONA SLEEPS DURING THE DAY AS A HUMAN AND WAKES UP AT NIGHT AS AN OGRE TO EAT THE PEOPLE WHO WERE TRYING TO RESCUE HER!

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    Shrek Was Exiled From The Ogres

    Photo: Shrek Forever After / Paramount Pictures

    From a former Redditor:

    Shrek is actually an outcast from the Ogre community he is from. Shrek did not enjoy the harsh lifestyle the other Ogres lived.

    After he refused to participate in vicious attacks against humans and other creatures he was exiled. Shrek attempted to befriend several humans, but they were all afraid of him. This caused him to become bitter and he soon began to enjoy causing chaos, but he still did not enjoy causing physical harm and still looked for companionship.

    Shrek eventually settled in his swamp, which was far away from the Ogre community, because he didn't know where else to go. The first movie takes place a few years after all of this happened.

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