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"Dredd 3D" movie quotes take us along as the popular comic is adapted to the big screen in the British science fiction action film. Unlike the 1995 American film adaptation, "Judge Dredd," starring Sylvester Stallone, the 2012 "Dredd 3D" has already received favorable reviews from critics and fans alike.

In "Dredd 3D," viewers are introduced to a futuristic land in which crime is prevalent and the streets ruled by chaos. Instead of a full judicial system like in America today, one group, the judges of the hall of justice, serves as the judge, jury and executioner to combat the urban areas. Judges however are few and far between which only helps the criminals and drug lords win.

In one urban area, Peach Trees, a new drug is sweeping the city, Slo-Mo. This mind-altering drug reduces the perception of time down to 1% of its normal speed and is becoming the biggest craze, much to the pleasure of drug lord Ma-Ma (Lena Headey). That is until the title character, Judge Dredd (Karl Urban), learns of this situation and pledges to take down Ma-Ma. Along with rookie Judge Cassandra Anderson (Olivia Thirlby), Judge Dredd sets out on an epic battle between good and evil in an attempt to take down Ma-Ma and her league of clansmen.

"Dredd 3D" fits the mold of the blockbuster comic-inspired action movie that has become a familiar trend in recent years. If that's not your style there are plenty of other movies worth a watch lately including "Lawless," "Cosmopolis," "Premium Rush," "Hit and Run," "ParaNorman," "Sparkle," "The Expendables 2" and "The Odd Life of Timothy Green."
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Judgement is Death

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Judge Dredd: "You betray the law, you betray the city, judgement is death."

Judge Dredd briefly explains his role in this futuristic world. Simply put, judges act as the sole judge, jury and executioner, deciding the fate of those not abiding by the rules on their own.
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I Am the Law

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Judge Dredd: "Inhabitants of Peach Trees, this is Judge Dredd."
Ma-Ma: "Let him talk."
Judge Dredd: "Just in case you've forgotten, this block operates under the same rules as the rest of the city. Ma-Ma is not the law. I am the law."

Judge Dredd sends a friendly reminder out to the residents of Peach Trees telling them that Ma-Ma is not the ruler of this land, that he is the law and is here to enforce the rules or punish those who rise up against them.
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See the World In a Different Way

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Slo-Mo Junkie: "They said if I did Slo-Mo, I would see the world in a different way. They said it would get me higher than anything else in life. Funny thing is, they were right.

Straight from the mouth of a junkie, the drug Slo-Mo is explained as the best high ever. That's exactly the reaction drug lord Ma-Ma was hoping for in her plans to take over the city with the drug.
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Paramedic TJ: "Makes the brain feel as if time is passing at 1% of normal speed"

In the land of Mega City One, a new kind of drug, Slo-Mo, has taken the town by storm. As Paramedic TJ explains, instead of giving a high, this drug makes it appear that time is passing at only 1% of its normal speed. This not only makes for an important plot point but allows the film to have some pretty awesome slow-motion scenes.
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