21 Drive-Thru Employees Share The Weirdest Things They've Ever Seen In A Customer's Car

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Anyone who has ever worked in the food industry knows that you experience some colorful customers and memorable stories on the job. And to help feed that customer service curiosity, these fast food workers are sharing their experiences of the strangest things they've witnessed in the cars that pull up in the drive-thru.

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    Mary Was A Happy Woman Who Had A Very Simple Secret To Her Happiness

    From Redditor u/Th4tGuyUKn0:

    There was this woman that would come through and get a hot chocolate every day. Her name was Mary. Mary was an older gal in her 70’s, drove an early 90’s Lincoln, usually had some old tunes playing, and weighed 60lbs, if that. She was always so happy and so nice. I always gave her drinks for free because it was always such a treat to see her and she was just so nice. One other feature I remember is she always rocked suspenders and a random colored fedora every day. I think she reminded me of Ms. Frizzle after she retires. One day, she comes through and orders her usual. I said, “Mary, why are you always in such a good mood? What’s your secret?” She smiles and waves me closer. I lean out of the drive thru window and she says, “Really, really good drugs.” She winks at me, turns her radio up, and cruises out of the parking lot. Mary is my hero.

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    A Teacher With A Late-Night Taco Craving

    From Redditor u/penndawg84:

    My gym teacher, drunk. He started eating the tacos at the drive through window. He was there for over 5 minutes, just eating. I saw him the next day in school, we both acted like nothing happened.

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    Topless Customers Demanded To Speak To The Manager

    From Redditor u/--Jester--:

    Story time!

    I was working the drive through at Carl's Jr. one evening as a very innocent 17 year old. It was pretty close to closing time, sometime after 10pm.

    A car pulled up and some slightly slurred speech said something I didn't fully understand, but I heard the word "food" and since it was the drive through it seemed like a safe assumption that they wanted to order food. It's not typical to ask if they can order food first, but I replied "Sure, go ahead when you're ready".

    They proceeded to order 4 people's worth of food and I gave them their total.

    What happened next was not something I was remotely prepared for. Four slightly overweight to very overweight middle-aged women pulled up in their car, all completely topless. As sheepishly avoided looking I repeated their total and one of them loudly reiterated what I hadn't fully heard initially, "We said we wanna trade some t*ts for some food!"

    "Hold on a minute," I replied.

    I then walked back to where my manager was currently preparing their food. He asked if there was a problem and I said "Kind of...they need to talk to you. I'll wash up and take over for you here..." I'm pretty sure he picked up on my distress and didn't argue or ask any more questions.

    By the time I finished washing my hands he came back with a slightly annoyed look and told me I should just finish making their order and he would pass it out to them.

    I'm not sure if they paid or not, but I'm guessing my manager just wrote off the order so they would leave and no longer be our problem. We then had a decent laugh about it, but I was pretty horror stricken at the time.

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    The Cops Followed The Customer Through The Drive-Thru

    From Redditor u/OozeNAahz:

    Had a drunk guy come through drive thru. A cop car was in line right behind him. Told the cops about the drunk guy (he was blitzed and was going to kill someone). Cops said they knew as they were planning on pulling him over before he turned in and went to the drive thru. They decided they were hungry and decided to get food too before pulling him over.

    They stayed at the back window and had us give them their food first so they could follow him out. Pulled him over in the parking lot. Was kind of entertaining.

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    Some Salty Customers

    From Redditor u/PsyPup:

    Someone threw a fish at me once. Didn't order anything, just a drive by fish attack.

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    A Guy Saw His Soon-To-Be Wife Almost Everyday For A Year, But Neither Of Them Knew

    From Redditor u/Akschadt:

    Not sure if it counts as something weird.. but I found out after marrying my wife that she would go to a certain chick fil a location drive through almost every day before work.. turned out during the time she was going there I was working there and I ran the drive through 5-6 days a week and strictly In the mornings.. soo for about a year I saw my wife almost every day before I even met her... and didn’t realize it till after being with her for years.

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