People Share Their Shocking And Hilarious Stories From Driver's Ed

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Driver's Education is something almost everyone who wants to drive their own car has to go through at some point. If you want your license as a minor, it's basically guaranteed you'll be strapped in with a certified instructor for at least a couple of months. 

While mostly it's a boring standard procedure, the stories below prove that these lessons can get dicey in some pretty shocking and hilarious ways! So hit the gas, read ahead, and vote up your favorite wild stories from driver's ed!

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    Road Rage

    Posted by u/Archcaduceus:

    I ended up partaking in road rage fisticuffs on my second lesson. I’d just turned 16 and had driver’s ed with an older man.

    After about five minutes... a driver in an early-'90s GMC Jimmy passes us over a double solid in a 15-miles-per-hour zone and cuts me off, forcing the instructor to slam the brakes and jerk the wheel. Next thing I know, my instructor is [cursing] out the window, hitting his little horn button, and laying on the gas. He was chasing this man down. Not knowing what to do, I just sat there as a passenger in the driver's seat, watching the Jimmy swerving around, and then pulling into the backlot of my school.

    My instructor ordered me to keep driving and pull up next to the guy, and I do. He starts hitting the man’s vehicle from outside, and the man steps out. He’s the janitor... great, he knows me. My instructor steps out and starts swinging, and so does the janitor. Even at 16, I was bigger than most adults, so I got out and started to separate them and ended up having to throw some extra punches to prevent myself from being hit.

    In the panic, I had forgotten to put the car in park, and it had rolled into the dumpster. Now, there were just two grown men sitting on the ground all banged up with me standing above them. At that point, the principal had come out, and the police were called. It was my first time in handcuffs, and all I could do was panic as I was one of the “good kids”.

    In the end, everything was just dropped, and I found a new driving instructor.

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    Would You Like Fries With That?

    Posted by u/cujiine:

    My instructor had me go through the drive-through at a Wendy's, ordered, asked if I wanted anything, and when I said no, she said, "Good, ‘cause I only have enough for my food." She also had me stop outside her "friend's" house so she could run inside "real quick." I think I was accessory to something illegal there.

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    Getaway Car

    Posted by u/cyklonefire:

    I do recall a kid I was in driver’s ed with. He made a U-turn three lanes away, and then sped away with the instructor, me, and one other kid in the car as a cop flashed his lights. He didn’t get his license.

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    Out With A Bang

    Posted by u/FallingDownHill:

    My [instructor] was really old. When I was in driver's ed, I crashed and totaled the car. He retired the next day.

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    Left... Left... Left-Right-Left!

    Posted by u/drawdelove:

    In driver’s ed, each of us had to have a parent ride along. On my day, my mom came along. She was stuck in the backseat between two teenagers, and I was driving. 

    I was on a one-way street in the far right lane, and the teacher said, "Turn left at the light." So I start merging to the left, and he says, "Left." Um... okay, I am merging left? So I ignore him. He starts getting frantic and saying, "Left, left, left!" My mom suddenly yells from the backseat, "She IS GOING LEFT, YOU IDIOT!" And he just says, "Oh, I meant right." No apology or anything. It was awkward the rest of the day.

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    Teacher #2 Needs His Own Stop Sign

    Posted by u/Sporkicide:

    I had two (co-teachers) and both were old, creepy, and didn't teach us anything.... 

    A week into the class, Teacher #1 told 15.5-year-old me to get in the driver's seat and forced me to get on the interstate my first time in the vehicle. I was trying to be cautious, and the traffic was light, but he started screaming at me and grabbing the wheel because I wasn't speeding up fast enough or something - never was sure what I did wrong. I hated driving that interstate for years after that because he shook me up so much.

    Teacher #2 was laid-back, but creepy. I was sitting at a stop sign and considering just how I was about to chew out the classmate sitting behind me for playing with my hair. Then I looked to the side and realized it was the instructor in the passenger seat who was twisting my hair around his finger next to my shoulder. Ewwwwww. 

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