Driving Instructors Reveal Their Worst And Low-Key Hilarious Student Driver Stories 

Nathan Gibson
Updated September 24, 2018 13k views 16 items

Learning to drive is daunting. Cars are huge pieces of machinery hurtling along at high speeds. Danger - or downright terror - can lurk around every turn. Some driving students, however, veer completely off course in the moving classroom, in ways considered far scarier than a failed attempt at parallel parking.

The instructors who guide fledgling motorists through three-point turns and lane changes have lots of horror stories from driving school. Driving instructors, along with people who know them, or in some cases the students themselves, discuss their worst driving school stories on Reddit.

These brave souls, who make a living trying to make sure new drivers don't hurt themselves or fail at street smarts, share everything from stupid decisions to bizarre things students have done.  

Turn Signal Trouble

From Redditor /u/Funnycakes98:

My instructor said that a girl was turning into and out of lanes wildly, trying to turn off the turn signal.

An Untimely Death

From Redditor /u/rickthedairyman:

My uncle frequently tells the story of the time his driving instructor died during his first lesson, and he was given some award from the town for driving the body to the hospital.

Lights! Yellow! Action!

From Redditor /u/Ahhmedical:

She was approaching a yellow light going the speed limit of 50 kph. She saw her chance to strike and makes a jump for the light going 15 kph over the [speed] limit and catching the yellow light. While doing this, she yells at the instructor, "We can make it!" Like she came from Top Gun training and zooms through. Only to find out she didn't pass when she completed the course.

Veering Off Course

From Redditor /u/frankoftank:

She would just drive without correcting her steering at all, and would start to go off the street unless my mom reached over and corrected the wheel for her. No matter what my mom did or said, she would constantly just drift off the road. So my mom took her out to an old, wide-open dirt road where she could just let the lady drive and see how far off the road she would go before she realized what she was doing.

The lady just drifted off the road a good 20 feet and would have kept going into the fields if my mom hadn't stopped the car and asked her, "Look where we are. Look where the road is. What the f*ck are you doing?"

After that, my mom finally gave up on her and told her husband and son that she cannot drive a vehicle, and she cannot learn how to drive a vehicle. Only student my mom ever gave up on.