Weird Nature Remarkable Drone Footage Captures Lava Rivers Streaming From Kilauea Volcano  

Mick Jacobs

Someone else recently discovered another situation perfect for a drone's hovering capabilities: filming an active volcano. In the video below, a drone captures the lava streams from the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii.

Very rarely does anyone get to observe the molten beauty of lava as it flows free. The drone, safely hovering above the scorching rivers, allows people to get a firsthand look at the awesome force of volcanoes.   

An especially active volcano like Kilauea makes for an excellent subject, as it constantly produces a lava flow that, thankfully, is much less destructive as it is mesmerizing.

Now you can get up close and personal with the fresh lava without worrying about your skin melting off, though the drone needed to worry about its camera lens. Watch the video below to view the lava in all its red-hot glowing glory.