Sports Spectacular Drone Footage Captures Surf And Jetski Wipeout  

Rebecca High

A drone flying over enormous waves in Nazaré, Portugal, captured the terrifying moment that two professional big wave surfers - one of them on a jet ski - were battered off balance, and the video is captured here.

In the footage, Alex Botelho, an experienced big wave surfer, paddles out but wipes out in a giant wave and loses his board. He surfaces quickly but already the massive waves are pummeling him back down, making it impossible for his buddy on a jetski to come to his aid.

The jetski is resilient, and finally manages to pick Botelho up and head back to shore. But then more massive waves capsize the jetski and both men are ripped apart where they struggle to try to reach shore.

The beach where the giant waves occurred, Praia do Norte, attracts surfers from around the world for this reason, and in 2011 Garrett McNamara from Hawaii set a world record there for the largest wave ever surfed: 78 feet. Watch the video to see this harrowing experience over the water.