Weird Nature Incredible Footage Of Drone Rescuing Swimmers In Trouble  

Mick Jacobs

Drones: they deliver packages, they film live events, and soon they may become your latest form of EMS. In the footage below, a drone drops an inflatable raft to a pair of drowning teens in Australia.

From its vantage point high above the waves, the drone easily maneuvers itself to hover above the boys, much quicker than it would take a lifeguard to swim out to them. From there, it releases the life-saving device.

Not only can drones provide emergency supplies, they can also provide rescuers a firsthand look at a situation that may otherwise be unsafe or inaccessible to human medical services.

Watch the video below to watch a drone save a life for once. Maybe in the future, instead of guard posts at the beach there will just be charging stations for rescue drones.