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These Drug Dealer Business Cards Are Hilarious (And Probably Not Fooling Anyone)

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Being a black market success doesn't mean eschewing advertising - it just means broadcasting your services in subtle and ingeniously unconventional ways. That, apparently, is why a lot of modern-day drug dealers have turned to business cards.

Since the acid renaissance of the 1960s, unique business cards (and celebrity business cards) have been something of a cult sensation.  However, instead of exuding professionalism, many drug dealer business cards in the 21st century are downright hilarious in their underground allusions and/or blatant crudity. You just have to know what you want, and what you're looking for.

Check out the below cards, and vote up the most hilarious ones. 

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    When Selling Coke, Why Not Evoke A Product That Once Actually Contained It?

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    Heroin (And/Or Ketamine) Has Never Looked So Equestrian

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    Vintage Business Card For A "Library" Named After A Civil War Era Opium User

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    Famous LSD Business Card, Via The Merry Pranksters

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