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Tweets About Drinking at Home Alone That'll Make You Laugh More Than You Should

Ever found yourself drunk and home alone, convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that sending out drunk tweets to all your adoring fans is the best idea ever? If so, then get ready to find yourself in fantastic company with this collection of funny tweets about being drunk from people shamelessly sipping in the company of no one but their cats. After all, you're not technically drunk alone as long as you're interacting with people online right?

Here you'll find some of the most fantastically funny drunk tweets ever inspired by one too many glasses of Two Buck Chuck on a lonely Tuesday. These home alone tweets are here to show you that you and that bottle of discount rosé aren't the only ones out there pondering life's most meaningless questions and celebrating the false sense of security that only an ill thought out bottle of tequila can inspire. 

So fire up the laptop, raise your glass, and let the solo sipping commence!

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    Home Drinking: Defeating Social Conventions Everywhere

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    When You Decide to Stay in for a Home Cooked Meal

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    Those Random Nights Your Adventurous Side Shows Up for Drinks

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