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15 Drunk Facebook Posts You're Glad You Didn't Write

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Facebook is used for many things: checking out your ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend, silently judging your high school friend who has two kids, recoiling in horror at the fact that your mom "liked" the Magic Mike XXL fan page. The point of Facebook, and all other social media accounts, is to make your life seem way better than anyone else's, while simultaneously hating on all of your "friends" and their ridiculous pregnancy announcements and work promotion humble brags.

It's no secret that Facebook is also a place that thrives on drama, especially when you bring alcohol into the mix. Whether you are about to get drunk, are in the act, or are hung over the next morning reliving some terrifying half-memories, Facebook will always be there for you. Have you ever had a lapse in judgement and posted some straight up wack sh*t on your wall? Let this list of similarly unsober minds ease your embarrassment.

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