Here Are the Best Drunk Foods Across America

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Getting drunk and eating greasy, disgusting/amazing food is truly one of the greatest things that you can do as adult. Drunk food is a special thing that anyone can make, but only a few select restaurants, and diners across America know how to do it right make food that can fill you up and get you thinking straight. But what is the best American drunk food? Is it a box of chicken fingers and garlic bread from Florida? Or is it a pile of french fries covered in everything but the kitchen sink from San Diego? It’s all of that and everything in between. Come along on our cross country road trip through the cities who really know how to treat a burgeoning alcoholic.

It can be hard to find good drunk food. You don’t want to eat something that’s too greasy because you’ll end up puking your guts out, but you also don’t want to eat a salad after you just drank a gallon of whiskey and sang fifteen Elton John songs at an underground karaoke bar. When you’re drunk the food you eat has to be substantial, it should have something melted on top of it, and if it can come with extra sauce then you need to make that happen. Let’s take a look at the best drunk food in the good ol’ US of A. 

What kind of late night drunk cuisine does your city have? And should it be included on this list? Leave us a comment if you think your city has what it takes. 

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    The Martian Landscape - Austin, Texas

    The Martian Landscape - Austin, Texas
    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY

    At the Magnolia Cafe in Austin the best thing to order after you've been going HAM on 6th street is this good ol' fashioned plate of grilled potatoes smothered in cheese and green onions. 

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    Cheesesteak - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Some things are classics for a reason, and you can't go wrong with a philly cheesesteak. Just make sure you go to the right restaurant

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    Chili Cheese Fries - Nashville, Tennessee

    Chili Cheese Fries - Nashville, Tennessee
    Photo: jeffreyw / flickr / CC-BY 2.0

    After a long night of rockin' in the country music capital of the world you need to get yourself to the Paradise Park Trailer Resort for some chili cheese fries. These fries are the ultimate party food. 

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    The Awful-Awful Burger - Reno, Nevada

    The Awful-Awful Burger - Reno, Nevada
    Photo: RenoTahoe / flickr / CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

    Word is that the Awful-Awful Burger at The Little Nugget casino is half a pound, it has a special sauce, and it sits on top of a mountain of fries. After you lose half of your checking account and can feel the hangover coming on this burger is the only way to make yourself feel better. 

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    Debris Fries - New Orleans, Louisiana

    Debris Fries - New Orleans, Louisiana
    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY

    Bruno's debris fries are the only thing that can sober you up after a night of hand grenade soaked debauchery. They're soaked in melted cheese, roast beef, and horse radish sauce and they'll bring you back to life. 

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    Burritos - San Francisco, California

    Burritos - San Francisco, California
    Photo: adactio / flickr / CC-BY 2.0

    The classic late night San Francisco drunk meal is a burrito from El Farolito which has been voted to be the best burrito in the world

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