21 Athletes Who Accomplished Amazing Feats While Drunk or High Off Their Asses

Athletes are a special breed of human. They’re capable of creating superhuman feats, and rising above and beyond what normal people can do. Some athletes do this through training, others through natural talent, others let the adrenaline take over - and then there are those special athletes who played great drunk.

Some athletes don’t need any help to turn on whatever “it” is that makes them into a winning machine, they just do it. But most athletes who were high during some of their most spectacular moments will suggest that it was just how they coped with the stress of the game. Other times, it was just fun - after all, after years and years of traveling the country and playing the same game over and over, it can start to get boring. Whether out of nerves, boredom, or just because they can, here are some athletes who played better drunk and high than you ever will sober.

Sports stars who were high during games rarely discuss how dangerous it is to play a high-impact sport while getting googy on everything from booze to pills to LSD, and instead they focus on how they managed to pull out wins night after night. And that’s cool, but it has to be acknowledged that drunk sports stars playing a game that most people would kill to be a part of isn’t the most inspiring thing in the world. Still, there are athletes who you kind of expect to be high while they’re doing their job, and many of the NFL and MLB players from their golden eras were nothing more than high-functioning alcoholics. Keep reading and pour one out for these athletes who destroyed on the field while they were under the influence.