15 Incredibly Drunk People Who Decided To Fight Inanimate Objects

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Unless they're competing in some kind of climactic martial arts tournament, if someone is gearing up for a fight they should probably be drunk. It'll hurt less, look funnier, and if someone's on hand with a smartphone, it'll probably go viral. There are plenty of videos of drunk people looking for a fight, but the cream of the crop are usually the true stories of drunks fighting inanimate objects.

This is a short Internet history of drunk people fighting non-humans of all shapes and sizes, from the guy who tried to ski while smashed to anyone who's thrown a punch at a street lamp. There are plenty of things you shouldn't do while drunk, and even more situations you should avoid, but these intoxicated run-ins are undeniably entertaining. Just don't overdo it – you never know when your friends are recording you, or how they're going to pose you once you pass out. Think of this as a roundup of cautionary tales for people who just don't know when to call it quits.