Gifs 55 Drunk People Trying to Play it Cool  

Randy Cobb
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These are the most hilarious drunk people GIFs in internet history. Watch as these drunks have intense battles with inanimate objects, fall from both great and tiny heights, and drunkenly dance their way toward a Port-a-Potty, all without a care in the world. From the drunk archives of Reddit, to Tumblr, to Señor Gif himself, this list has the best of the best when it comes to drunk GIFs. after going through this list, no drunk people GIFf will surprise you. 
These should fill all of your drunk people GIF needs, and you can return time and again to this list for endless, never gets old entertainment. Entertain your friends and show them how they appear to others on their own drunken evenings!   

Vote up the funniest drunken GIFs below and learn from these drunks what NOT to do.
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Maybe Santa Should Lay Off the Egg Nog

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No Sir, Breathalyzer Is NOT a New Brand of Scotch

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When Not Even Solid Objects Can Keep You Steady

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So Close and Yet So Far

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