31 Drunk People Posed by Their "Friends"

Ah, college. Besides killing time on creepy YouTube channels, drinking is a great pasttime. Who doesn't miss the days of waiting for one your friends pass out at a house party only to draw some indecipherable language on their face, duct tape them to a bed, and take pictures of the whole hilarious drunken affair? Maybe even conduct a Montauk experiment? Hopefully, you didn't do that to the MSU QB. Taking pics of your drunk friends will still be on the list of things to do for 50th birthday. This photo gallery is full of funny drunk people pics, thanks to their kind friends and fellow drinkers, who posed them and documented the drunk fun. Be careful though because you might end up disappearing like former celebrity Scientologists if your victims get mad (hopefully, none of them are WWE female superstars). These funny pictures of drunk people will make you glad you stopped after that second Jägerbomb last night, so listen to your country Christian songs later. 

Everyone has those drunk friends who consistently get too tanked to even handle. So what are you to do? Well, you get them in an embarrassing pose, draw on them, and start snappin' so the entire Internet can enjoy pictures of drunk people. Whether you're a sober, straight-laced adult these days, or still like to indulge in the alcohol and booze on those rare occasions (like Tuesdays), take a trip back to the days of watching your friends make absolute fools of themselves and recording those funny drunk people moments for posterity. 

And to those that were drawn on, tied up, posed and posted online for the world to see - maybe you should find some new friends, or at least make sure you're the one doing the posing, not the one being posed, next time.