The Truth About "Duck Dynasty"

While reality TV is well-known for twisting the truth, that doesn't stop audiences from devouring it. Fans of A&E's Duck Dynasty consider it one of the best reality TV shows ever, thanks in large part to the antics of the Roberston family. And viewers share a particular image of the Robertsons; the Louisiana clan portrays itself as "down home," "backwoods," even ignorant - and proud of it. The truth about the family is far more complex and quite different from their TV image, though.

Is Duck Dynasty fake? There are certainly a number of ways the Duck Dynasty family downplays their true identity and background. Several of the Robertsons hold college degrees, for instance. And then there's their physical appearance - those celebrated beards might have been grown especially for the cameras.

Whether you've seen every season of Duck Dynasty or you've never caught an episode, you'll likely agree the true stories about the Robertsons are way more interesting than what you see on their "reality" show.