All the Duggar Family Names, Ranked Best to Worst

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TLC's 19 Kids and Counting featured the Duggar family: Jim Bob, Michelle and their 19 children, all of whose names began with the letter J. Here are all of the Duggar family names, ranked best to worst, and their ages. It includes the extended family members and new grandchildren who have joined the clan since the show premiered in 2008. Devout independent Baptists, the family lives by strong codes of modesty, devotion, side hugging, and trust in God, especially when it comes to having children.

Which Duggar names are your favorite? This is a list of all the Duggar kids names, including recent pics of all the family members. Picking out 19 unique J names proved to be a challenge for the ambitious couple. They started strong with Joshua James, and then had boy-girl twins John-David and Jana Marie. Next came Jill Michelle, which was alright, sure, and then Jessa, which maybe could have been Jessica instead. Then was Jinger, which definitely should have been Ginger, and maybe this plan wasn't working. They were back on track with Joseph, though Josiah felt a bit old-timey, as did Joy-Anna, Jedidiah, and Jeremiah, which all sound like creepy kids who live in barns among rusty harvesting equipment. Jason, James, and Justin lucked out, and Jackson got a popular baby name. Johannah... why that H on the end? At last, a Jennifer, but then a Jordyn-Grace where a Jordan would have done, and a Josie, not a Josephine or Jocelyn or even Joseline.

The next generation of Duggars has not one J among them - though there are plenty or normal ones left, like Jamie, Jeremy, Jacob, Jasmine, Jared, Juliet, Julianne, Julian, Judith, Julie, or Jules. Instead, Jessa Duggar named her first son Spurgeon. Some of the other grandchildren are OK, though, including a Samuel, a Mason, and even a cute Felicity (born 2018) or Ivy (born 2019).

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Most divisive: Jinger Nicole Duggar
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