The Duggars Are Waist Deep In Scandals You Probably Haven't Even Heard About Yet

Made famous by the now cancelled reality show 19 Kids And Counting, the Duggars are a devoutly religious Arkansas family. While initially seen as an eccentric but endearing bunch, scandals involving the Duggar family have become increasingly frequent over the years. The most notable scandal broke in 2015 when allegations of Josh Duggar's sexual misconduct were made public. Disturbing stories about the Duggars are now a regular feature in national headlines. 

The craziest Duggar family scandals are often related to the family's unconventional, and arguably unhealthy, rules regarding sex and dating. From chaperoned dates to no kissing until the wedding day, 19 Kids And Counting scandals are sure to raise some eyebrows. Reading up on the Duggar family scandal will leave you grateful for the upbringing you had.