Dull Topics That Boring People Talk About Constantly

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Popular conversation topics that are dull and boring.

It's safe to say that most people have been stuck listening to a conversation that is terribly dull. Someone is talking to you, talking at you, they might be your friend or they might be your coworker or they might be a stranger you’re sitting next to on the bus, and you just couldn’t care less about what they’re saying. Sometimes you just happen to be in earshot, and there's no escape. Perhaps you're on a first date, you're watching their mouth move, and you're dropping the occasional, "Ah", "Yeah", "Mmhmm", but you're afraid to tell them that they're putting you to sleep. What are some commonly bland and mundane subjects that people seem to yammer on for hours about impulsively?

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  • How bored they are
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    How bored they are

  • Insulting Your Friends
    11 votes

    Insulting Your Friends

  • Fortnite
    344 votes
  • Their Phone
    738 votes

    Their Phone

  • Gasoline Prices
    694 votes

    Gasoline Prices

  • Traffic
    598 votes