The Most Ridiculous '90s Boys Toy Lines

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The '90s were, overall, a great time for boys toy lines. Marvel and DC got their first figures since the heyday of Secret Wars and Super Powers, Star Wars returned, Ninja Turtles were everywhere, and McFarlane Toys upped the ante on sculpting, opening up a whole new niche for older collectors and even R-rated toys.

But you don't get good without making mistakes along the way, and the road to collector heaven was paved with terrible intentions and even worse executions. While some toys were getting better and better, others were so terrible that even though you bought them then, you'd love to go back in time and tell your past self to save that money. Dumb '90s toys for boys were a figuratively a dime a dozen, but much more expensive in a literal sense.

Frankly, there was just a whole lot of bullsh*t going on.