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'Dumb And Dumber' Is Far Darker And Creepier Than You Remember

Updated January 3, 2019 26.6k views12 items

Among modern-day screwball comedies, few compare to Dumb and Dumber, the 1994 Farrelly brothers classic that grossed nearly $250 million worldwide. But as you'll see from this list of dark facts about Dumb and Dumber, the movie has an undercurrent of ominousness that makes it low-key twisted. It's a silly comedy, so these darker-tinged moments are almost always played for laughs, and upon first viewing, one might not give these scenes a second thought. Upon closer inspection, however, you'll note that slayings, animal mistreatment, and creepy behaviors get heavily featured in Dumb and Dumber - these moments make the film one of many messed-up '90s movies.

The movie follows Lloyd (Jim Carrey) and Harry (Jeff Daniels), two dimwitted roommates embarking on a cross-country adventure to return a suitcase. However, they do not realize that they've landed smack dab in the middle of a conspiracy. There is potty humor aplenty, which is part of the movie's enduring appeal. But no matter how funny the jokes are, there are some downright creepy scenes from Dumb and Dumber that fans often overlook. You'll have to decide for yourself whether or not this movie holds up.

  • Harry's Parakeet Gets Offed

    Early in the movie, Lloyd and Harry flee their apartment when they mistake the bad guys for debt collectors. While the two are out of the house, Mental finds Harry's beloved parakeet, Petey, and removes the bird's head. Though the slaying happens out of view, we hear Petey's frantic chirping before his neck gets audibly cracked.

    If you have even the slightest sensitivity to animals in pain, the moment is a tough one to digest.

  • Sea Bass Almost Attacks Lloyd

    In a distasteful joke par-for-the-course in many '80s and '90s comedies, the character Sea Bass almost assaults Lloyd. While peeing in a gas station restroom, Lloyd sees graffiti on the wall that advertises "manly love" at 2:15 am. 

    Lo and behold, it's 2:15 am, and in comes Sea Bass, ostensibly looking for said love.

  • Lloyd And Harry End Up Being Homeless

    Dumb and Dumber doesn't end on a happy note. After everything they have been through, Lloyd and Harry have no choice but to walk back home. Worse yet, the cops have confiscated their nest egg; their motorbike has broken down; and Mary decided to stay with her husband.

    The movie ends with Lloyd and Harry essentially homeless and lost in the desert.

  • Lloyd Offs An Endangered Owl

    As if we needed more evidence of Lloyd's awfulness, particularly toward our avian friends, he offs an endangered owl - to be fair, however, he does this unintentionally. In the course of popping open a bottle of champagne, the cork flies off and takes out the poor owl.

    Slaying animals, incidentally, is one of the early warning signs of a dangerous, antisocial individual.