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People Share The Times A Know-It-All Jerk Made The Wrong Assumption And Got A Swift Kick By Karma

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"Has anyone wrongfully assumed you were dumb and in the process made themselves look really dumb? What's your story?" - u/7t9h50andthena2

In a recent Reddit thread, people shared the stories of when know-it-alls, braggarts, and windbags tried to assert their (wrong) assumptions, only to have it backfire spectacularly in their smug little faces. From class clowns to bossy boasters, here is a small selection of stories filled with instant karma.  

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    When The Sun Sets In The South

    Posted by u/shaft101:

    My wife and I were traveling with a couple we worked with in South Korea. We weren't best friends with them but they were nice enough so we rented a car and travelled around the island of Jeju. Now, this is a small island and you could drive around it in four or five hours but we were taking our time seeing the sights.

    The guy was a bit of a know-it-all but they had been in Korea six months longer than us so I always took his advice. Anyways, I'm driving the car and we are trying to find the place that we want to eat, I say something like "we are going the right way" this guy responds with "no we are going south, trust me I majored in geography." I look straight ahead into the the setting sun and respond with "Weird we found the one place on Earth where the sun sets in the south."

    Well, that shut him up for a while.

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      Last Laugh


      Posted by u/lux414:

      My sister in law used to make fun of my english all the time, whenever I mispronounced something she would start laughing and telling everyone "she's so cute, she can't pronounce this or that" I always considered her just a mean girl trying to keep the attention to herself but the english thing really bothered me.

      One day we were drinking and she started laughing at something I said, I lost it. I told her I speak 3 languages while she can barely speak english. We kept arguing until I said fine let's prove it. We took a mock up english test online and I got a perfect score! She got 8/12...

      That was the last day she laughed at me.

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        Teacher Learns A Lesson

        Posted by u/jooby-the-nooby:

        Our school's schedule got revamped which meant that one of our classes that was two periods long was cut in half to accommodate for all the changes. When I brought this up to the teacher I was co-teaching with, she called me an idiot and told everyone sitting in our table group that I wasn't very good at math as everyone laughed.

        A few minutes later, the principal cleared up the new schedule, only for her to realize that she was wrong in the first place. 

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          Sorry For Not Speaking German In A Country Outside

          Posted by u/albin294:

          Haha, I've even had to defend my non-existent German whilst working in tourism in Northern Norway. (I worked as a rock climbing/kajak/surfing/hiking guide.)

          Some German tourist asks something in German. And I inform them in English that I'm sorry but I don't understand. I don't speak German.

          At first they look at me confused and then continue in German. I then tell them again in Norwegian, Swedish, French and English that I don't understand.

          This lady then switches to perfect English and ask me angrily why I don't speak German.

          I look at her and say: "Because...We're in Norway?"

          She basically huffs angrily and walks out and I start talking to her husband instead.

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