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People Share The Times A Know-It-All Jerk Made The Wrong Assumption And Got A Swift Kick By Karma

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"Has anyone wrongfully assumed you were dumb and in the process made themselves look really dumb? What's your story?" - u/7t9h50andthena2

In a recent Reddit thread, people shared the stories of when know-it-alls, braggarts, and windbags tried to assert their (wrong) assumptions, only to have it backfire spectacularly in their smug little faces. From class clowns to bossy boasters, here is a small selection of stories filled with instant karma.  

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    Manager Doesn't Understand How YouTube Suggestions Works

    Posted by u/sarcastinymph:

    I film and edit promotional videos, then post them on my company’s YouTube channel.

    The day after I uploaded a particular run-of-the-mill video, my manager calls me into his office because one of our d-bag directors (who hates our department and loves undermining me in particular) sent an email to my manager and a few higher-ups. In the email, he stated that I had messed up the promo video, because there were “all of these other disgusting videos attached to it.”

    As proof, he included a screenshot of the end of the video, where all of the recommended videos appeared to star scantily-clad women in suggestive poses.

    Neither he nor my manager knew how YouTube algorithms worked, and that the videos were suggested because he (or someone on his account) viewed that kind of content before. I have no idea how my manager explained this to him.

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      Posted by u/kalptaru12:

      I went to get a haircut this one time and the hairdresser made a big show of how terrible my faded highlights were. How the previous hairdresser did a lousy job and how I got ripped off. Then he asked me where I got it done from.


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        'Not Another Word'

        Posted by u/tepatmoz:

        I was working as a teller at the bank years ago, and a Karen was complaining about how slow and sh*tty my computer was...if I had been using an IBM she'd have been out of there already. She works at IBM, they only make the best, fastest bank equipment. Blah, blah blah. I slowly, deliberately turned my slow, [terrible] IBM computer for her to look at. Not another word.

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          Didn't Ask The Right People

          Posted by u/truecolors110:

          When I was in the Army, me and a group of specialists were standing in a circle, taking a break in the motor pool. A lieutenant came out and said he needed a forklift driver, went around the circle, pointed at each male and asked them if they had their license. None of them did; he huffed and walked away.

          He had clearly, obviously skipped over the other female and I in the circle. That was fine; we were the only 88M (heavy vehicle operators) and forklift licensed people there; the dudes were all paralegals and HR specialists.

          Everyone laughed. What an embarrassing moment for him.

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