34 People Share Their Dumbest Childhood Beliefs 

Samantha Dillinger
Updated January 9, 2020 2k votes 302 voters 7.7k views 34 items

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Children have very active imaginations. If they don't know why something is, they'll make up a reason. While charming and adorable, children are usually wrong. People went on r/AskReddit to share some of these dumb childhood beliefs and the posts were nonsensical gold. 

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Assigned Grandparents

From Redditor u/RosyMama

Grandparents were assigned to families. Like, I didn't know my Grandma was my Dad's mom.

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Testicle Baby

From Redditor u/Acceptable-Attorney

When you have a baby you have to push one of your testicles out and it became the baby egg. I had no idea how I was my parent's third child.

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Growing Rocks

From Redditor u/rudewa1122

My grandpa told me that I could grown rocks. He took me outside and grabbed a rock with me then we put it in a jar of water. I watched it for a while waiting for it to grow but it never did. So I took a nap and when I woke up the rock was a lot bigger. I was so excited and confused. Then I went and ate dinner with my grandma and when we got back to their house there was a bunch of pebbles along with my rock. The b*stard had babies. Turns out rocks can't really grow and my grandpa was just f*cking with me. Oh well.

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The Village In Your Stomach

From Redditor u/BobKrahe2

The inside of my stomach was another village with their own villagers. Every time I drank, it rained. Every time I ate, it fed the people. A tummy ache was because the villagers were unhappy.

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