34 People Share Their Dumbest Childhood Beliefs

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Children have very active imaginations. If they don't know why something is, they'll make up a reason. While charming and adorable, children are usually wrong. People went on r/AskReddit to share some of these dumb childhood beliefs and the posts were nonsensical gold. 

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    Testicle Baby

    From Redditor u/Acceptable-Attorney

    When you have a baby you have to push one of your testicles out and it became the baby egg. I had no idea how I was my parent's third child.

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    Ninja Turtle Weather

    From Redditor u/SteakAndNihilism

    That if April was a month, Ninja Turtles must also be a month.

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    Assigned Grandparents

    From Redditor u/RosyMama

    Grandparents were assigned to families. Like, I didn't know my Grandma was my Dad's mom.

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    That's My Trademark

    From Redditor u/CHOGIWADDLE

    That all companies with a 'TM' (Trademark) were owned by my family, only because those were my initials.

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    Study Circle Mind Meld

    From Redditor u/helikoptr

    That if people are going to study something they just sit in a circle with other students and think about what they want to do. As soon as they find out, they are done and they can leave.

    I wish lol.

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    The Dark Side Of 'Cocoon'

    From Redditor u/jdnursing

    I remember watching the movie cocoon with my grandparents. I could not have been more than 4. For some reason I deduced that in order to become adults, children had to die in these pool cocoons and be reborn old. I freaked my cousins out and had a whole group of kids crying at a holiday party over our impending doom. Ruined Christmas pictures that year.

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