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The 9 Dumbest Disguises Criminals Have Actually Used

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These f*ckin' guys. Dumb criminals come in every shape, size, and inebriation level. And these criminals are a unique brand of stupid - they made horrible costume choices when trying to decide a disguise.

You get these guys every now and again - the ones who brings a wry smile to a reporter's face while discussing these "dumb" criminals - and they rarely disappoint. We're not talking silly costumes, or people who happened to be dressed up in costume while committing a crime, we're talking about people who intentionally went out, committed a crime, and disguised themselves - and who did a really bad job at it. 

Trying to disguise your identity is a central part to committing any crime (well, if you want to get away with it, anyway). These criminal "geniuses" were caught after they made a poor costume choice. And while it's pretty damn funny, it's also extremely infuriating. A little effort goes a long way, guys.

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