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Customer Service Workers Share The Dumbest Complaints They Have Ever Received

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Over on Reddit, current and former customer service workers share their best stories of truly stupid customer complaints and requests. From not understanding salt to demanding refunds for anything and everything, here is a small sample of complaints that will make you weep for humanity.  

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    'Didn't Taste Good'

    Posted by u/babelincoln27:

    Most satisfying customer interaction of my cashier career was having the manager back me up on refusing to process a return for incense that didn't taste good.

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    Age Ain't Anything But A Number

    Posted by u/JP-Kiwi:

    Some of our clients get sent a survey after a meeting with us in order to gauge our customer service skills. I had a guy give me 10s in everything including "was your request completed to the level you expected?" Guy gives me a 7 in his overall rating, which significantly dragged my overall percentage down, just because "this request should have been handled by someone older."

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    Good Thing He Didn't Order A Rump Roast

    Posted by u/Loves_me_tacos125:

    When I worked at a super fancy/expensive steak restaurant, this customer wanted his steak med-rare butterflied which means that it'll take a shorter time to cook on the grill and faster to your table. Anyways, once his steak got to his table he was genuinely confused because his steak didn't "look anything like an actual butterfly."

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    Not Understanding How Salt Works

    Posted by u/blissbali2020:

    Many years back, worked for a store chain which sells all products related and connected to Nature. Among them, the Himalayan salt stone lamp. It's a stone made of salt that encases an electrical bulb. It is supposed to help for regulating ions in your home/office.

    A customer called us to complain that their stone disappeared at home, and asked for a refund. As open mind as I can be, I however tried to understand what she meant exactly by "disappeared."

    Story is, customer removed the stone from the bulb and put it in her dish-washer to clean it.

    I had to be super nice with her to make her realizing that salt dissolves in water. Specially in hot water.. Without her getting upset and getting offended. It was a lonely moment...

    Reply by u/canarchist:

    It's the raccoon washing cotton candy video in human form.

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