Customer Service Workers Share The Dumbest Complaints They Have Ever Received

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Over on Reddit, current and former customer service workers share their best stories of truly stupid customer complaints and requests. From not understanding salt to demanding refunds for anything and everything, here is a small sample of complaints that will make you weep for humanity.  

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    Problem Solved

    Posted by u/Merry_Bastard:

    A guy accused me of harassing him because I kicked him out of the store after the third time he stole from us. He then called the cops...

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    'Can You Keep The Volume Of This Stadium Concert Down?'

    Posted by u/YonderIPonder:

    I worked at a concert venue. I was always careful that our venue isn't loud enough to cause hearing damage for either the performers or the audience, having a few decibel readers throughout the venue. Sure, you can have it loud, but at some point you're just hurting people and the sound isn't any better.

    I had this one lady come in, saying that she just had ear surgery, and that she wanted me to keep it WAY down. She said that she could experience permanent damage if I didn't keep the volume down. There was a thousand people in the venue, and she wanted me to keep the noise at a conversational level. I told her to leave, and when she wouldn't, I had her escorted out. There's no way I'm getting sued by someone that stupid.

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    Hot Wings Made Her Baby Cry

    Posted by u/mrszoso:

    Worked in a sandwich/wing place several years ago. Had a woman order hot wings for delivery. After they were delivered, she called raging that "those hot wings made her baby cry!" The manager politely offered to send her mild instead...

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    'Didn't Taste Good'

    Posted by u/babelincoln27:

    Most satisfying customer interaction of my cashier career was having the manager back me up on refusing to process a return for incense that didn't taste good.

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    Good Thing He Didn't Order A Rump Roast

    Posted by u/Loves_me_tacos125:

    When I worked at a super fancy/expensive steak restaurant, this customer wanted his steak med-rare butterflied which means that it'll take a shorter time to cook on the grill and faster to your table. Anyways, once his steak got to his table he was genuinely confused because his steak didn't "look anything like an actual butterfly."

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    That's Not How This Works

    Posted by u/Natskincap:

    I work at a concert venue. I had a customer call the day after the show wanting a refund because the artist did not play his favorite song during the show.

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