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34 Dogs Who Just Don't Get It

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We all have those friends who couldn't be sweeter, even though they aren't exactly the brightest crayon in the box. So we probably don't have to tell you how much fun the “adorable dumb friend” can be and are delighted to share prove that they also exist in dog form. In this  collection of hysterical dumb dog pictures, you’ll meet a group of dogs who don't get it… whatever “it” may be.

These funny dog pictures feature pooches with hearts of gold who just don’t understand everyday dog tasks such as playing fetch, taking a midday nap, or the mystifying art of agility courses. You’ll meet little dudes who didn’t get the memo that things such as resting or pooping tend to be looked down upon in the middle of a dog show, and adorably confused pups who have never heard of this thing called “personal space” you keep asking for.

You’ll also meet guard dogs who will demonstrate why it’s important to specify who the desired target is when you give them a command to attack, and pooches who learned the hard way why you should never use furniture for the first time without reading the instructions. Get ready to grin as these adorably confused canines ask you to explain again.
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    World's Worst Hunting Dog

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    Herding: You're Doing It Wrong

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    "Oh Helllllll, No."

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    "Not to Suggest Cat Would Ever Lie, But..."

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