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The Dumbest GoFundMe Campaigns Ever

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If you've ever been on social media, read the internet, or had human friends, you probably already know about crowdfunding campaigns like the ones on GoFundMe and Kickstarter. More than likely, you’ve been sent a request or two to help fund worthy causes, like paying the vet bill of a sickly cat or covering the medical expenses of someone’s grandma. But not everyone in the crowdfunding universe has intentions that are quite so pure. In fact, we’ve gathered a collection of some of the worst GoFundMe campaigns of all time to prove just how weird and greedy society can get.

These are some of the worst crowdfunding campaigns the internet has to offer, featuring everything from stupid GoFundMe campaigns like the one to find out the truth about #deflategate, to a Kickstarter fan project to break up Ciara and Russell Wilson. While some of these dumb things on GoFundMe might actually resonate with some people (like the one to help a lady buy a hedgehog), others are just plain wacky.

At the very least, these crowdfunding attempts will help you feel better about your own life. Vote up the best of the worst dumb GoFundMe campaigns ever to hit the web!

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    The Fund To Prove The Earth Is Flat

    Despite the overwhelming amount of scientific evidence to the contrary, rapper B.o.B. is thoroughly convinced that the Earth is flat. He is so certain, in fact, that he launched a GoFundMe campaign in September 2017.

    The goal of the campaign? To raise $1 million to send satellites into space to "find the curve" that, in his mind, is the only real proof that the world is spherical.

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    The Hat Fund That's Actually Pretty Good

    Photo: GoFundMe
    Okay, we admit it. This one's awesome.
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    The Fund To Send A Woman Around The World For 'Spiritual Healing'

    Photo: GoFundMe

    Traveling the world sounds like an amazing opportunity. And the chance to travel the world on someone else's dime? Even better. Rebecca G. is asking people to help her pay for a $10,000 round-the-world trip, all so she can advance in her "spiritual journey."

    Sure. She promises that as she travels she will help others realize their own spiritual journey, all while living out her dream. How she plans to help others is unclear, though. What we do know is that she plans to write a book about it. Yay?

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    The Fund For A Half-Pint Of Henny

    Photo: GoFundMe
    Hey. A dude needs his Henny.
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