The Dumbest Lie You Told Your Parents That They Believed  

Donn Saylor
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Everyone has told a silly fib at one time or another, but some untruths, no matter how ridiculous, can fool even those closest to you. Consider the various dumb lies you've told your parents. Sure, some parents immediately know something's amiss, and some might need a little time to realize what's going on. But, if truth be told, you probably have at least one story involving ridiculous lies your parents believed.

Why they believe such stupid fabrications is another matter. Maybe they're a little naive. Perhaps they only want to see the best in their kids. Maybe they recognize the lie for what it is, but, since it's so trivial, they let you think they're falling for it hook, line, and sinker. Whatever the reason, countless kids have duped their parents into buying genuinely dumb falsehoods. And so long as humanity marches on, conniving adolescents will continue to do the same.

The Grass Just Grew Like That

From Redditor /u/deleted:

I once got my dad to believe that I didn't mow the lawn that day. I told him it was just shorter when I woke up.

I Have Food Poisoning

From Redditor /u/TVA_Titan:

I got super hammered once. Hung over the entire next day (when I was only 19, hangovers used to clear up in a couple hours, so this all-day thing was pretty bad). Convinced my mom it was just food poisoning of some kind I had gotten the night [before].

I'm In The Choir

From Redditor /u/andersonenvy:

My parents wanted me to be in "an activity" in high school.

I pretended to be in choir from 9th grade - 12th grade. I even had a choir robe (given to me) that I would dress up in, and actually leave the house whenever there was a choir performance - just finding someplace to hide, usually in an alleyway near my school.

One day, my mom came to see the choir perform. After the show, she said she didn't see me up there singing, but, I swore I was up there, she probably just didn't look hard enough. I also told her my name wasn't in the program because of a misprint. I still can't believe she bought that.

I did end up getting busted though, just before I graduated, during a parent-teacher conference. My parents were not happy.

I Need Glasses

From Redditor /u/DJStrike:

When I was very little, I always looked up to my older stepbrother. He had glasses, and I wanted to be cool like he was, so I convinced my parents that I couldn't see well and I needed glasses. It got so far that they eventually took me to the optometrist, and I lied my way through [the exam] in the hopes of getting the glasses. I was finally caught [when] my dad thought something might have been fishy, so he got the optometrist to point out different colors in the room and asked me to say what they were…I didn't know the difference between color blindness and normal blindness, so of course I said the wrong colors and I was busted after that.