Clothing 30 Dumb "Lookbook" Outfits for Spring & Summer  

Carly Kiel
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Every season, photographers, models, and fashion stylists join together to create outfits and scenarios that make designer clothing look wearable. Most of the time, each get-up is pretty normal, like just a shirt and some pants and maybe even shoes in a funky setting, like "near a window" or "outside." Other times, maybe the model is wearing jacquard sweatpants and a leather bolo tie while swimming near some jagged rocks. These photos end up in a catalog which is then mailed to every women who has ever ordered anything from that store or designer. The recipient flips through the first 20 pages while feeding the cats and queuing up Netflix, thinks - briefly - "Huh, this girl wore snakeskin heels with overalls," and then throws the whole thing in the trash can before dinner time. 

This gallery of dumb lookbook ensembles for Spring / Summer 2015 is just pictures of dopey-looking clothing combinations and impractical items that no one really needs, especially not for like $200. If you want to buy any of this stuff, though, there are links provided right to the stores. Spend your money however you want. Heck, go ahead and wear whatever you want. Nobody cares about your clothes. Vote up the dumbest looks.
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Oops, Just Ruined This $250 Doily

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Luna Maxi Dress - $252

For Love & Lemons
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"Too Serious." Hmph. We'll See.

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Breakfast in Bed Buttondown - $98
Sport Back Brami - $20
Slim Leg Cutwork Pant - $148
Friend Flash Sunglass - $20
Lawless Leather Bolo - $38
Game Time Sandal - $118
Free People
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Guys, I Don't Think This Is a

Guys, I Don't Think This I... is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list 30 Dumb "Lookbook" Outfits for Spring & Summer
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Collection Italian Chambray Twill Popover - $250
Cropped Patio Trouser - $89.50
Ankle-Strap High-Heel Sandals - $258
Crystal Palm Leaf Necklace - $118
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Ready for Zero Outdoor Activities

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Stitched Peasant Top in Plum Floral - $98
Denim Boyshorts: Rip and Repair Edition - $74.50
Tricolor Stripe Scarf - $55
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